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Homepage of Klaus Rosnau, D-27721 Ritterhude
(near Bremen, North Germany)

Welcome to my Homepage!

Clicking the abouve buttons you will find informations about my hobbies and the Bremish Costum of 1650, about my life and last not least important informations about the 'Tanzdatenbank des DBT'

Looking DanceDB you will find the description of the dancedatabase, its background, its possibilities and functions.
Under NeueDaten you see the data added by the active members and
under NeueFunkt there are the new added funktions and possibilities.

Since I wrote the program-routines of the 'TanzDB', I can give you the best information about all changes in it. This is the reason, that this side is found here on my homepage.

Sorry for providing the NewData- and NewFunction-informations only in German language.


06. Mai 2010 Version 5.07 of TanzDB available at DBT
06. Mai 2010 Data of BOK from 03.05.2010 added
30. April 2010 Version 5.06 of TanzDB available at DBT
30. April 2010 Data of JTH from 27.04.2010 added
17. Juli 2009 Version 5.05 of TanzDB available at DBT
16. Juli 2009 Data of JPf from 26.06.2009 added
05. Maerz 2009 Vers. 5.04 of TanzDB availableat DBT
04. Maerz. 2009 Data of EDE from 03.03.2009 added
15. Febr. 2009 Data of JPf from 10.02.2009 added
15. Febr. 2009 Data of REI from 09.02.2009 added

06. Febr. 2007 New E-Mail-Adress: >kro< (see at bottom "Mailto")

Older news you will find  here


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