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Since 1953 folk- and ballroom dance.
1991 developement of a privat relational folkdance-database.
Since 1994 for the 'Deutscher Bundesverband Tanz' ('DBT' means: German Dance Assosoation). Contains about 48.500 TOC-entries of 2.716 books and 19.930 musictitles from the albums out of the archives of more than 15 German, Austrian and Danish dance- and folkdance collectors. (Level: July 2002).
Newest data see: NeueDaten

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3 Trachten am Haus Blomendahl

Reconstruction of the Bremish Costum of 1650:
Reconstruction of the Bremish costumes from the end of 17th century, following the costume-laws from 1656, chronics of that time, paintures and other picture-sources.
Until now ready: two costumes for ladies and one for a man.
(Level: October 2000)

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